Memorial Weekend Meals- “Moni-Style”


Are you excited for Memorial Day Weekend or what?  You know what they say…”It is the gateway to Summer,” or maybe that’s just what I always thought.  Hopefully you have some fun plans, an adventure, maybe a get-together or a BBQ to look forward to this weekend. Well, you know I have you covered.  Here are some killer…

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No Bake Banana Oat Chocolate Cookies

“No Bake” Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana Cookies with Oats

There is one fact you must know about The Nelsons. Our friends actually make fun of us, but we are highly addicted to peanut butter (or almond butter) with….CHOCOLATE of course. I make so many combinations of the two ingredients and it never gets old.  Just look at all my chocolate and peanut butter recipes….

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avocado toast

Moni’s Original Avocado “Toast”

Meet Moni Avocado “Toast!” Simple but so pleasurable.  This is Easy, Fast, Healthy, and…Delicious = Must be a Moni Meal! Instead of butter I use a fresh, ripe, organic, yummy, buttery-avocado. Avocados = we call them “Mother’s Nature’s Mayonnaise.”  You with me? Also, instead of bread, I use Armenian whole-wheat sesame seed cracker bread.  The brand is “Ak-Mak” and…

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Swiss Chard Dish

Garlic Sautéed Swiss Chard with Egg and Avocado

Talk about the perfect meal. Right now I am loving this easy and nutritious Moni dish a few times a week. So healthy, so beautiful, and talk about easy to make. Why this meal is so incredible though… is it is really just so Delicious on all levels. The key is getting the Swiss Chard…

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Spring Chili

“Spring” Chickpea Chili with Couscous

Now this recipe turned out GREAT!  What a perfect Spring dish.  I wanted to create and explore something new and what a success.  I had all of these ingredients and you might too.  I like to make this with either using edamame or fresh English peas.  English peas are hard to score but at my local Farmers’…

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kale salad

Sesame Kale Salad

Kale. I love it.  If you follow me then you are saying…”duh!” right about now. One of the most nutritionally dense items you can eat and Kale is also a super food! You can serve this warm, cold, or as a side dish. Add maybe a protein too and call it a meal. It is the…

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Easy and Healthy Rive Crispy Bars

My Easy Crispy Rice Squares

These have been compared to a healthier version of a “Fiber-One Bar” or a “Special-K Bar.” In our house, they are a must-make and a must-have! Everyone loves these, I have yet to meet some one not love these. These are a much healthier version (no corn syrup, preservatives, trans fats) and I like to switch it…

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