“Spring” Chickpea Chili with Couscous

Spring Chili

Now this recipe turned out GREAT!  What a perfect Spring dish.  I wanted to create and explore something new and what a success.  I had all of these ingredients and you might too.  I like to make this with either using edamame or fresh English peas.  English peas are hard to score but at my local Farmers’…

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kale salad

Sesame Kale Salad

Kale. I love it.  If you follow me then you are saying…”duh!” right about now. One of the most nutritionally dense items you can eat and Kale is also a super food! You can serve this warm, cold, or as a side dish. Add maybe a protein too and call it a meal. It is the…

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Easy and Healthy Rive Crispy Bars

My Easy Crispy Rice Squares

These have been compared to a healthier version of a “Fiber-One Bar” or a “Special-K Bar.” In our house, they are a must-make and a must-have! Everyone loves these, I have yet to meet some one not love these. These are a much healthier version (no corn syrup, preservatives, trans fats) and I like to switch it…

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Black Bean Truffles

Healthy “Decadant” Black Bean Truffles

So by now, you must have heard of baking, making, and creating yummy treats using black beans as the main ingredient.  You may have even tried all of my Moni “Bean” Treats by now. If this is news to you though, boy are you are in for a treat! Here, right now…  today… I offer…

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Cashew Cookie Chews

Moni Cashew Cookie Chews = Valentine’s Day Edition

So here is pretty much the best recipe ever. You know I love this day called Valentine’s Day and that I have many Valentine’s Day Goodies Recipes-it is true… but this one… oh, I do LOVE!   It is easy, affordable, healthier than most treats, SO go gosh darn cute and delicious all-in-one! I use my…

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GF Brownies

Gluten-Free Classic Brownies with Caramel Sauce

If I had to pick the words… A Keeper. A Winner. These Brownies. Seriously. That is this recipe that I share with you today. Who in the heck does not love a brownie by the way? I wanted to create and develop some seriously incredible Gluten-Free Recipes. Here it starts with these spectacular brownies that…

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Healthy Sliders

Black Bean and Edamame Sliders

Move over Sloppy Joes… I’ve got a protein-packed black bean-edamame mixture that is going to change your life.  I love the edamame here as it lightens up the black bean mixture, so it doesn’t taste too dense.  I love to make these for company and they are fast and easy and everyone loves them.  Did…

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